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Could You Just Possibly Be A Shitty Mess?

Before we get started: I’m prepared for whatever, because I know some people just can’t handle the truth.  Let’s go! What inspired this post is something I see on natural hair sites, Twitter, and everydamnwhere that really bothers me. And that is: … Continue reading

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Hating is NOT a Disease!

It’s not an epidemic. In fact, it doesn’t exist. So let’s work on deading this whole idea of “hating” and “haters” because it’s getting out of hand. Any time there’s a difference of opinion, people want to automatically call “hating” … Continue reading

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How Kinky Do I Have To Be To Be “Down”?

I told my friend Stephanie a looong time ago that I’d never get into YouTube because I hate hearing people’s opinions about anything because a lot of people are just plain stupid. AOL BlackVoices discussion boards taught me that REAL QUICK!  … Continue reading

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