If The Bible Isn’t Required Reading, Neither Is This Blog

I don’t know how many disclaimers I have to put on this blog, but here I go again.  If you don’t like me or what I have to say, then please feel free to not come to this blog. It’s not easy to find, so to I don’t understand what the problem is. 

Reading is fundamental, but comprehension is essential.  So please do not take words that are in black & white for anyone in the world to read and twist them to fit your agenda.  If comprehension skills are indeed the issue, I cannot help you with that.  Just don’t come to me telling me your warped interpretations of what I have written. And for God’s sake, don’t try to tell me what I “meant” to say or what I should have said.  I am not writing to or for you.  My thoughts, feelings, and opinions are not open for anyone’s interpretation but my own. 

So, feel free to comment.  Just don’t come at me with some stupid shit because I’m not interested.  The Twittering, blog discussions, behind my back talking and confrontational rants do not change my mind. I just start to believe that you’re a shit starter or really cannot read.  Either way, it’s not a good look. 

Now! Let the hit dogs holler… 


About What Looks Like Crazie...

What looks like CRAZIE, is just me. A perfectly flawed circus of contradictions: misanthropic people person; brilliant underachiever; ambitious slacker; tender-hearted bitch; thoughtful mean girl; prudish freak; crazed sanity; bold insecurity; adorable hot mess.
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2 Responses to If The Bible Isn’t Required Reading, Neither Is This Blog

  1. Lola Zabeth says:

    Sis, you know that I live for your tweets and posts. This post is no exception. I am dead:) The title alone made me chuckle. Great stuff!

  2. Gracias ma’am. I appreciate it. Hopefully I’m able to get more into it soon.

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