Hating is NOT a Disease!

It’s not an epidemic. In fact, it doesn’t exist. So let’s work on deading this whole idea of “hating” and “haters” because it’s getting out of hand.

Any time there’s a difference of opinion, people want to automatically call “hating” as the cause of it.  Did it ever occur to some of these people INSISTING that everyone is hating on them that everything is not for everybody? Have they ever considered that they just might be the wackest person EVER? No, because that would mean taking a look at themselves to see what it is they’re doing wrong. They might actually have to change some shit about themselves and accept that they’re not as great as they think they are. Who wants to do that?? It’s easier just to say that everybody is hating on them. Why is it that people who are doing the very most at the very least are the only muthafuckas with so many “haters?”. It’s because deep down under all of that posturing, they know they aint shit.

The realest thing I’ve read on Twitter was from @berealblack4me; and I quote: HATERS ARE SIMPLY FIGMENTS OF YOUR INSECURITIES #GO DEEPER.

If that aint the truth!! There ARE NO HATERS! There are simply people who disagree with you and/or don’t like you or what you’re doing.  That has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with them having their own opinion and being entitled to it. I don’t know when the right to having and expressing an opinion was revoked, but clearly it has been because nobody can say ANYTHING these days without being labeled a “hater”.

I remember growing up in the 80s, whenever someone didn’t like somebody or something, they were “jealous”.  I’d always wonder “jealous of what?”. If I think that your outfit is ugly, then what am I jealous of? I don’t want to wear that shit. I don’t want to look like you. So how is that called jealousy?  Then in the 90s, some genius upgraded “jealousy” to “hating”; and the fuckery began! “Hate” gave free license to every fucked up, wack, tacky, trifling, ignorant, do nothing type of fool to keep on being mediocre and sucking at life because anyone who called them on their bullshit was most definitely a HATER! Now look at us.  It’s “cool” not to know who your baby daddy is because you can go on Maury and wave to your haters who are hatin because you get so much sex and you’re on TV with an all-expenses paid trip to Connecticut!  It’s cool to walk around looking like an ass clown/clownola because anyone who doesn’t like your underwear showing or your Skittles hairstyle and face tatts is a “hater”. Teachers can’t make students learn anything or behave because when they give homework or reprimands, they’re “haters”. The police see you rollin, and guess what? They hatin! Nevermind the fact that you have expired tags, a revoked license, and warrants, the Po-Po STAY hatin on you. Ironically, they don’t hate on other people who keep their paperwork in order, just the ones who don’t; but they’re still some hatin asses.

Hating and haters have become excuses for people to slack off and do whatever it is they want to do. Nobody wants to be held responsible for their actions anymore so it’s convenient to go ahead and blame everything on haters.  Hating has also replaced the ability to engage in a healthy debate and present facts and data to support one’s point of view.  As soon as someone says something disagreeable, they’re hating. Damn their right to an opinion, they’ve GOT to be haters because they don’t believe what you believe. It’s all so stupid and ignorant.  Hating and hate has stunted our growth in so many ways! Forget about real hate that eats a person from the inside out; we all know how dangerous that can be.  But nobody looks at this hating “epidemic” as people like to call it.

I, for one, am really sick of it. It’s tiring and wearing on the nerves. Ironically, it’s usually the people doing the so-called hating that most often accuse others of hating.  So I consider the source in most of these instances because ignorant people LOVE “hate”.  It provides them with an easy out whenever they feel uncomfortable or inferior. Trying to ask them in-depth questions to encourage them to elaborate and intelligently express their point of view is often met with opposition.  Then inevitably, the person trying to coax some semblance of reasonable intelligence out of them is labeled a “hater” too.  It’s a no-win situation.

Once again, the internet has really opened my eyes to just how dreadful people are in general.  I have yet to encounter a reasonable discussion/debate on any forum where some idiot didn’t call someone else a hater.  Whether it be another person engaging in the discussion or the subject(s) of the discussion.  SOMEBODY has to be hatin if everything is not going this person’s way.  I didn’t know that “hate” was so widespread because I don’t know many people who use the term, and when they do, it’s in a joking manner.  Hell, I’ve even jokingly called people “haters” before; but when I get right down to it, there’s nothing funny about it. It’s ridiculous.  “Let your haters be your congratulators”. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.  “Don’t hate what you can’t imitate”. It’s rare that these phrases are ever uttered by someone who is winning at anything. 

Recently on Twitter, a “famous” baby mama tweeted about her brand new car; then days later tweeted that someone had keyed the hell out of her car while she was at the store.  IMMEDIATELY, she and her “fans” cried “HATERS!”.  No, my dear, they’re called vandals. I get what they’re saying–they believe that the vandal keyed the car out of jealousy and “hate” because it’s nice and perhaps they can’t afford one. Perhaps. Or maybe they just don’t like her ass? It could be that they just had nothing else better to do or that they are mentally ill and like to vandalize shit.  Who knows and who cares?! 

Again on Twitter, author Terry McMillan made some remarks about Willow and Jaden Smith (children of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith) and disagreed with them being in show business at their young ages.  All of a sudden, Ms. McMillan is a “hater” because she voiced her opinion as she has every given right to do. I don’t understand what she could be “hating” on though. She has her own money and her own fans.  She is not in direct competition with anyone in the Smith family so it’s not like any of them are stealing her shine or blocking her ability to “get money”. So why would she hate? Nobody could tell me the answer to that. All they could do was criticize her writing and her personal life because of a failed marriage to a man who turned out to be homosexual.  Prexactly WHAT does that have to do with her opinion about the Smiths?

I get so tired of it all. I really do. I think that debate should be taught in schools so that people know how to intelligently participate in an argument; supporting their views with facts and reliable data.  Allowing “hate” to continue to be used as an excuse to be mediocre isn’t reasonable or helpful to our community.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Let me just say right now:  I don’t give a damn who agrees or disagrees with what I’ve said.  This is MY opinion and MY blog.  Everyone is welcome to express their own opinion here. I’m just letting you know now that trying to bait me into some tiresome back and forth about this subject will be a waste of your time.  This is a “hater-free” zone; meaning you can debate, disagree, and argue if you want but you WILL be respectful and you will NOT throw the h-word around. Now hate on that!


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What looks like CRAZIE, is just me. A perfectly flawed circus of contradictions: misanthropic people person; brilliant underachiever; ambitious slacker; tender-hearted bitch; thoughtful mean girl; prudish freak; crazed sanity; bold insecurity; adorable hot mess.
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