Target, How I Love Ya!

I haven’t done a “Three Dollar Thursday at Target” post yet, which is crazy because that’s like my favorite thing in the world! (Not really but it’s all I’ve got for right now and it DOES make me giddy).  “Three Dollar Thursday” is something I made up because I found that although I may go to Target several times a week (multiple stores on the same day sometimes), I’m most certainly there every other Thursday–money day!!! I noticed that a lot of things I bought were $3; and the challenge became to find things for $3 or less.  When I say $3, it can be $3.48 or something; and I’ll even go up to $4 and some change but I want to be at or under $3 to feel like I really got something good. 

I’ve never been a frugal or cheap person, I’ve always bought what I wanted; whether I should spend the money or not.  But living on my own, far away from my parents’ wallets for about five years taught me to spend my money more wisely.  I became a bargain hunter and the best place for bargains is TARGET!!! Their prices are already reasonable, but then they have the nerve to mark stuff down even further!! Those orange-red clearance stickers get my juices flowing and I’ve become an expert at guesstimating when a new item will go on clearance and for how much.  (Making sure it’ll still be available in my size is a whole other thing but usually I can track it down). If I see a new item I REALLY REALLY want and the price is right, I’ll get it. But what’s the fun in that?? I’d rather stalk the item until I see that clearance sticker then POUNCE! I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I do that. I feel thrifty and responsible and very much like a grown-up!

My friends and relatives with children hate me because they say they can never find the great bargains that I find. Well they must not be looking. Even though I admit to going to Target more than the average person, there is ALWAYS a great bargain to be found.  People with children should know this because Target practically gives away their children’s clothing and shoes.  I don’t have children, but I know this because I’m a good “auntie” and I always shop for my babies.  My 3 year old cousin has gotten 7 or 8 pairs of ($12-20) shoes SINCE Christmas that have not cost over $4 and change; including a pair of cowgirl boots and a pair of motorcycle boots (regularly priced $19.99 and $15.99 respectively). Her 9 year old sister got some fugazi Uggs and her first pair of “heels” that she’s been bugging everyone to death about. Last night’s haul included some long-sleeved plaid shirts for their 1 year old brother for $2,  really nice sweatpants for the 3 year old ($2.48), and some $4 rain boots for their 3 year old cousin. Score!

Children’s items are not the only things that I find for $3.  I’ve found several clothing items, household items, jewelry, etc for myself for $3 too.  I love pajamas and I was able to buy a bunch of pajama shorts for $2.48.  The matching tops? A mere $1.50! I’m junkfood/graphic tee junkie and I have drawers FULL of tees from Target that I got for $9 or less; many for $3.  I rack up on hair products like Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essence when they’re marked down; and I’m waiting for the day that I see a clearance sticker on my beloved SheaMoisture products!

Underwear has been my recent obsession, and Target doesn’t disappoint in that area either.  They’ve got the 5pr for $15 thing going, which to a normal person would mean “$3 a pair”, but that’s not enough of a challenge for me (although I have taken advantage of it). I like to look through the “intimate apparel” section to find those damned orange-red stickers! I don’t want to pay $3 as the regular price, I want it marked down! Just for me! And again, Target does not disappoint! I found some really cute panties on clearance for $2 and felt like God was smiling on me.  I can’t say that I’m going to quit Vicki any time soon, but a girl can never have too many pairs of panties. I learned that in college!

So last night’s haul was pretty good, even though not EVERYTHING was $3 and under–I paid $7.99 for some Curls Goddess Curl hair gel (which I might actually review later).  I still found some really good bargains. Hell I bought a family sized bag of Doritos because the jokers were marked down to $2. It’s outrageous what is being charged for a bag of friggin chips these days! I won’t pay the ransom on principle alone, so I get it cheap when I can.

I do the $3 hunts at other places too (like Old Navy), but there is NO PLACE like Target. Once I stop being lazy about taking and uploading pictures, I’ll actually post some of my finds in the future. Happy (bargain) hunting!


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