Mary Harvey Says Steve Can Suck It, Too!

Not really, but she is going IN on his trifling ass all up and THROUGH YouTube!! OKAY!

Mary is FINALLY spilling ALL THE TEA! Honestly, this is nothing I hadn’t already assumed/guessed, but I wanted to hear it from HER! He’s always making snide comments about her on his morning show, like she did HIM wrong. I guess after all the crap she took during the marriage, it was her turn to show her ass during and after the divorce proceedings (which I don’t condone either). Of course the details she shares are nothing that any of us could have imagined: stealing gas to get to comedy gigs, an alleged abortion by his mistress, getting calls from his sideline gal (who is his current wife) and so on. I wanted to hear about that damn toupee though!

In her YouTube videos, Mary alleges all types of scandalous behavior from black America’s newest relationship guru. Which is some bullshit in and of itself. Women are taking relationship advice from Steve Harvey?? REALLY??? How many times has he been married? What credentials does he have in this area? Cuz he can tell a joke? Some women will listen to and try ANYTHING they think is going to get them a man! OK. Keep listening to Steve ladies and see what happens. Evidently, Mary got her skrenf from a book called Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man by Shenae Hall (former NFL wife, oh lawd!). Evidently, Shenae isn’t buying the bullshit Steve is selling in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitmentary either; but she’s not above riding the coattails to make a few bucks. .

Do not get me wrong, I was a huge Steve Harvey fan. Ever since his Def Comedy Jam days when HE WORE JEANS! Cross Colours or some other hideous 90s bullshit; but now he denies he has ever even owned a pair of jeans. (This is unimportant, but is just one more thing that proves to me what a phony bologna he is.) Remember that joke about Mitch Green’s eye? He was a country mess, but it was funny as hell. Nobody can deny the sheer genius of “Kings of Comedy” and Steve’s other solo comedy specials. He’s a funny dude. I’ve supported every one of his ventures (except those damn clown suits) and LOVED his morning radio show—in the beginning. Along the way, Steve changed. He became more “preachy” and less funny. There’s nothing wrong with having a message in your comedy, but he was preaching his own opinion! That aint the gospel! Everybody has an opinion, Mr. Harvey, and having some money and a big moustache doesn’t make yours any more “right” than anyone else’s.

The morning show became less entertaining and pretty soon I only tuned in for the Strawberry Letter. Everyone on the show coos about how much happier Steve is now that he’s married to Marjorie, but it doesn’t seem genuine to me. Maybe he IS happier; and everyone has a right to be happy. My thing is, you go about things the RIGHT WAY! If  a person isn’t happy in their relationship, then they should tend to that and make sure it has ended before moving on to the next one. Otherwise, you’re just a liar, cheater, and asshole. I don’t care how horrible a person’s mate is or how miserable a relationship is; they either need to fix it or get out of it. Then spend some time ALONE getting right before you move on to the next one. (DO YA HEAR THAT SWIZZ BEATS???)

Steve Harvey has every right to move on and be happy and successful. His guest appearances on Dr. Phil have given him much mainstream success, and now he’s hosting Family Feud. To which I say, congratulations. I just can’t fuck with him any more. Not since all this fake shit has come about. He made that big deal about shaving his head when he knew damn well he was wearing a wig hat all those years (aint nobody’s edge-up that sharp. Afro rounded just so!). He promoted his partner Boom’s “relationship” book, If You Want Closure In Your Relationships, Start With Your Legs: A Guide To Understanding Men, and then this mofo came on the morning show and admitted he can’t even READ! So how did he write a book? Chile please. I cannot take anything that comes out of that camp seriously after all the lies and bullshit.

(And another thing, why do WE have to understand men and think like men and all that nonsense to have a successful relationship? Steve AND Boom can both suck it!)

Anyhoo, here are the videos. The cheesy music made me giggle like hell. As well as her collage of memorabilia, including a disconnect notice from the water company. AND the letter from the mistress alleging a long-term affair including an abortion and documenting Steve’s arrogance.  Watch now before Steve shuts her ass DOWN! LOL


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2 Responses to Mary Harvey Says Steve Can Suck It, Too!

  1. Kenda says:

    I do not care for Steve or his book or his new found faux relationship expert fame. I’m turned off by the hypocrisy of it. I won’t watch the videos though. I know he was dirty. Didn’t need the ex to confirm. But, it’s about time someone comes and shoots holes all through his new fangled image.

  2. Yeah Steve has been on some BS for several years now. It’s not becoming. But these dummies following him like his word is the GOSPEL TRUFF on relationships. Do black people, especially women, need a leader THAT bad?

    I really hate when these dumb books come out and every chick you see at work or in the beauty parlor is reading it and testifying like she’s crazy. And when the crap doesn’t work, they run out to get the NEXT book of nonsense. It’s ridiculous. Stop sitting around reading about love and relationships and go out there and DO it! There is no “secret” to getting a man and/or keeping a man. Get some damned ack right, pick the right person, do the right things and that’s it. I don’t need this ass clown telling me how to think in order to “get a man”. He’s ONE man so he knows what works for HIM. And I don’t want his ass so he can’t tell me shit.

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