Black People Make Me Sick Part Deux

And another thing… Don’t u just love how people go on a rant, leave it alone, let everybody calm down, then come back with “and another thing”. Well that’s me. Cuz I stew. And there are a lot of things black people do to make me sick. So, I’m back for part deux. This time focusing on how black people respond to any black person who isn’t down with the black people program.

Have you ever noticed how black people LOVE to count other folks’ money? They’re always declaring that someone paid too much for something and asking “is it made out of gold?”. Just because your broke ass can’t afford something doesn’t mean that it cost too much. EVERYBODY AINT ABLE! I have experienced it first hand from friends and relatives declaring that I spend too much money or telling me what I do and don’t need. That would be fine, if I gave a damn what they think or if I asked THEM to foot the bill for my splurges. But I don’t, so kiss off.

I thought it was just me until I started reading a popular gossip site, Lipstick Alley, and noticed how people would go APE SHIT and plot against folks they perceived as having “too much”.  There are forums on the site where people post their recent fashion purchases, and I guess some folks can’t see beyond Forever 21 and Marshall’s because they were ANGRY about other members posting Louboutins, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, etc. I won’t even say angry, those bitches were MAD! So much entertaining (and totally uncalled for) bullshit went down behind folks signifying & showing their asses in response to what someone else spent their own money on. What kinda mess is that? People were “outted”, as in personal information being revealed including pictures of their children. Some ladies were accused of boosting the items they posted or of posting their empoloyers’ clothes and shoes. And there were many accusations of sleeping with men to get those high end goods.

Then of course, the goody-goodies had to roll in with their comments about how that money could have been better spent, or invested. “I hope you own your home and aren’t renting with all the money you spend on clothes”.  They were accusing people of living in hovels and not paying their bills so that they could floss. Certainly THEY would never spend money on material goods when there are mutual funds  and stocks to be purchased because that’s just what responsible negroes DO with their discretionary income. Otherwise, MLK died for nothing.

It burns my BUTT that people behave this way. I don’t give a damn what someone else does with their money as long as they don’t ask me for any. I think it’s ignorant to believe that grown black women couldn’t POSSIBLY afford luxury items without giving blow jobs or sacrificing their electric bills for it. Where is the sisterhood in THAT thinking? I don’t condone living beyond one’s means, but again, it’s none of my business what someone else does with their money.

Recently, it was “reported” that Jay-Z spent $350k in Hermes on Christmas eve shopping for his wife. Why in the HELL would he want to (allegedly) go and some ignant shit like that? Clearly he had to know black America would NOT approve!! Lawd have mercy, the saints over on Essence magazine’s Facebook page went BALLISTIC! They thought it was an outrage that this man spent HIS money on HIS wife in a way that HE saw fit and could well afford! They went on and on about how he could have fed all of these poor starving children, or bought houses for the homeless. Anybody who knows anything about Jay-Z knows that he gives A LOT back to the community. He doesn’t have to, but he does. Who is to say how MUCH he ought to give though? It’s his money. He worked for it. He should be able to live a certain lifestyle based on his hard work and income.  Nope! Not according to black people; well broke black people. Broke black people think that when other black people get rich, they should give ALL of their money away to… broke black people. Black people think that Jay-Z should earn MILLIONS every year and give most of it away. Keeping just enough to live in a $150k matchbox in Jersey, driving a Camry and buying his wife off the rack shit at Macy’s. Cuz that’s how THEY roll, so that’s the only acceptable way of life for other black people. NEGRO PLEASE!

I challenged those same people to give away every dollar of their discretionary income. After their basic bills are paid: housing, food, utilities, they should give the rest of their paycheck away. So no clothes (unless they go to the Goodwill), no entertainment (they can go to the library for free books and movies), no luxuries or comforts they’ve been able to afford on their salaries. Cuz that’s what Jay-Z did. He bought his wife gifts based on their income level. But black people were mad because their husbands bought them some lousy $50 or $100 gift that they were tickled about until they heard what Beyonce got.

Some people cannot comprehend wealth, let alone achieve it. So if they can’t dream of that type of life, then nobody should be living it. Crabs in a damn barrel! I can’t imagine being able to spend $350k on some handbags, BUT I don’t begrudge the millionaire his spoils either. Even knowing that in all likelihood, I will NEVER be able to afford such luxuries, I still aint mad. I’m going to need for other black people to hop on that bandwagon with me because we are looking real petty and envious when we count other people’s money.

Don’t let me get started on how black people can’t stand Oprah and her gazillions! I believe a committee of broke black people has been formed to come up with ways that O should spend her damn money–all on broke black people. As if she didn’t have enough problems with black people, now her fool ass had the NERVE to befriend Jay-Z with his wasteful ways and unacceptable spending habits. Black people are REALLY going to go in on her now! Watch out Oprah! They were already pissed because she doesn’t support black people enough;  because any billionaire black fool should know that she should only have black people on her show, only pick black authors’ books for her book club, only wear black designers’ clothing, etc.

Oprah f’d up when she let herself get too famous and TOO RICH! If there’s one thing black people can’t stand is somebody with too much shine and too much money. As soon as they think you’ve had enough, you’re supposed to fall back. If not, it’s time to take you down a peg or two. So the shenanigans start. For Oprah, it’s the gay rumors. According to black people, two black women can’t possibly have a life-long friendship where they publicly love and support each other. In order to avoid the wrath of black people, Gayle should have written a scandalous tell-all book about Oprah a good 10yrs ago. She would have lost her best friend, but she would be “normal” (and still heterosexual) in the eyes of black people. And frankly, that’s all that should matter to any self-respecting black person.

If black people don’t deem you to be gay, then you’re evil and don’t believe in Jesus. How else would some regular ol’ black person get to be rich AND famous if they didn’t sell their soul to the devil? According to black people, this is what both Jay-Z and Diddy have done. I’m so sick of these “illuminati” rumors and the utter bullshit people spew to defend that dumb argument. Any black person should know that black people don’t mess with no devil shit! Read your manual! WE LOVE JESUS! But it’s like black people can’t just believe in and support other black people. They can’t accept that others “make it” due to hard work and talent whilst their black asses are sittin on their mama’s couch watching it all happen. To accept this, would mean that they are the captains of their own fate and could actually BE something in life if they actually DO something with their life. Nah! That sounds too much like work (and we all know how black people feel about work;slavery created quite an aversion to that bullshit!). So, black people who do get rich and famous have to be dancing with the devil. And being the good christian folks that all black people are, they would NEVER do such a thing. So they will sacrifice fame and fortune to sit on their mama’s couch cloaked in the satisfaction of knowing they didn’t get down with Satan just to make a buck. Good job couch sitting black people, good job.

My final point for today is also going to involve Jay-Z, cuz black people just seem to hate his black ass! Why is it that Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Tyler, Bette Midler, Cher and all of those white people are still touring and bringing in BIG money and BIG numbers at their concerts but Jay-Z (at 41) is “too old to rap”?? Black people are so fickle! We want “our” music to be a prominent force in this country but when too many “other” people start to like a certain artist, they’re a sell out or they’re wack. We also want our artists to stay the same. They can’t experiment, develop and grow as artists. Their third album BETTER sound just like the first one or they are OUT! And when an artist makes it well passed his third album and only gets better with time (like Jay-Z) we can’t find shit wrong with him except to say he’s too old. What kinda mess is that? Black people can’t be legends? I believe that Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Nas, and a few other rappers have aged gracefully in the game. Their styles and subject matter have matured as they have, so that their music is not only approriate for who they are, but also relevant in the industry. If Jay-Z was still on “Big Pimpin” as a grown ass married man, then he might look a lil silly; but he’s grown from that. His music has matured and he seems to be a more mature, well-rounded individual in general. But according to black people, it’s time for him to be put out to pasture while his white counterparts continue to make money well into their AARP years. Yet, 50yr old corner boys with cornrows and sagging jeans aren’t frowned upon. Go figure. Perhaps Jay-Z should have stayed in the crack game.

I think that concludes today’s talk about how and why black people make me sick. I’m sure there are many many other ways, but once again–I’m tired of talking about this stupid shit. I reserve the right to pick up on this topic in the future though, as black people stay busy. It’s like they stay up at night thinking up new ways to piss me off.


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What looks like CRAZIE, is just me. A perfectly flawed circus of contradictions: misanthropic people person; brilliant underachiever; ambitious slacker; tender-hearted bitch; thoughtful mean girl; prudish freak; crazed sanity; bold insecurity; adorable hot mess.
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3 Responses to Black People Make Me Sick Part Deux

  1. Kenda says:

    You know how I feel about Jay. I cannot take any person serious who buys into the whole “illuminati” theory. It speaks volumes about their intelligence to me. I do not engage in stupid conversations. What that man wants to do with his money is his business…unless he trying to give it to me lol.

  2. Jessica G. says:

    I hope you know that you’re including yourself and ever other Black person in the world your futile statements. I wasn’t going to comment on your idiocy but in your condemnation of Black people, you’re also condemning yourself so atleast one thing in your entry is true.

  3. Jessica dear. I don’t like to name call but one good turn deserves another. You called me an idiot but clearly you’re lacking in some area if you don’t understand that this was sarcasm. All tongue in cheek. I don’t “condemn” anyone. I made commentary that NOBODY has taken seriously but you. So what does that say? If you thought I was serious, clearly you’re the idiot. Or something.

    I had the option of approving or denying your comments calling me an idiot. I could have easily deleted them but I’m fair if nothing else. But, as I’ve stated, comments & opinions are welcome but ultimately this is my blog so your opinion doesn’t matter in the end. Especially when it’s completely uninformed. I’m FAR from an idiot. But have a nice day. I’m too tired for foolishness.

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