OK So Drake Doesn’t Completely Suck

Although it doesn’t happen often, I am able to admit when I am wrong or have misjudged someone. I recently questioned why in the HELL Jamie Foxx let Drake mess up his song “Fall For Your Type”. I mistakenly did so on Twitter to be seen by one of two DIE HARD Drake fans that I happen to love, respect, and admire–despite this obvious “flaw” lol. One of them QUICKLY corrected me saying that the song is actually Drake’s (written, produced, etc) and that his version is better. I chalked it up to her “love of Drake” induced delusional state of mind. But, she’s actually right. Well, partially right. I don’t think Drake’s version is “better” but it’s niiiiice. I think Jamie has the “grown and sexy” advantage on this one because Drake’s singing voice on his version is rather nasally and makes him sound too young to know about such things. That being said, I dig it! Which says A LOT! I have a strong dislike of all things Drake. From his albino turtle looks, to his “knick-knack paddy wack” style of rhyming, to the fact that he is on EVERYTHING that’s on the radio. And especially because he’s Canadian (don’t get me started on THEM!) But like I said, I can admit when I’m wrong, and the little critter is starting to grow on me.

Said friend posted both songs on her blog (I’ll have to get permission to link it in) in a post about having a “type” when it comes to love, sex, and/or dating. I don’t think I have a type, there’s no rhyme or reason to the guys I’ve liked or been involved with. The only thing they have in common is that it didn’t work out–clearly! LOL! I’ve always stated I have a preference for tall men but I’ve had my share of hobbits as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark skin, but the occasional beige brotha has piqued my interest too. Everybody wants a handsome man but I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve had some “coyote ugly” experiences in my day. As in, would NOT be seen in public with dude and he’d never ever meet any of my friends. So all that “type” stuff goes out the window when dealing with real people and real feelings. I can’t see passing up a good guy because he doesn’t meet all the criteria on some crazy ass detailed list I’ve drafted. I highly doubt that when anyone is making a list or a drawing of their ideal woman that they’d come up with me either. But hell I’m FABULOUS and anyone in their right mind would be lucky as hell to have me. So what’s good for me is good for the next man and I won’t be limited by a type or a list. We’ll see how that goes. (this is me NOT holding my breath)

Jamie’s Version (Lawd this song just does some things to me! And Jamie could get IT! He just radiates “I’m a freak! I’m a freak!” even without all of the stories I’ve heard about him. Mercy me!)

Read MsK’s thoughts on the matter here: http://lovemsk.blogspot.com/


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What looks like CRAZIE, is just me. A perfectly flawed circus of contradictions: misanthropic people person; brilliant underachiever; ambitious slacker; tender-hearted bitch; thoughtful mean girl; prudish freak; crazed sanity; bold insecurity; adorable hot mess.
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2 Responses to OK So Drake Doesn’t Completely Suck

  1. MsK says:

    Kimberlie!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!! I am def glad I posted both versions of the song. I just have an affinty to the Drake version. Feel free to link me in. I am also glad that you decided to take a listen to Drake’s version. Yes, I am hella biased when it comes to him but what can I say! Lol!

  2. Yeah I have to admit that he’s pretty clever sometimes and he has to be OK if he wrote the damn song b/c it’s just so smoooove! Even his singing on his version is OK. I just have to give the W to Jamie though. I’m biased but I tried to be impartial lol

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