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Target, How I Love Ya!

I haven’t done a “Three Dollar Thursday at Target” post yet, which is crazy because that’s like my favorite thing in the world! (Not really but it’s all I’ve got for right now and it DOES make me giddy).  “Three … Continue reading

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How Kinky Do I Have To Be To Be “Down”?

I told my friend Stephanie a looong time ago that I’d never get into YouTube because I hate hearing people’s opinions about anything because a lot of people are just plain stupid. AOL BlackVoices discussion boards taught me that REAL QUICK!  … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Is Not An Investment, Boo

As much as some of us hate to part with our money, we HAVE to realize and accept that some things are bought to be used up and thrown away! You can reduce, reuse, recycle some things.  You can save … Continue reading

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Question Marks Are Kryptonite For The Average Man

Has anyone else noticed that when conversing with men, they tend to clam up if you ask them a question? I’m not talking about interrogation or personal questions. I’m talking about asking a simple question.  If you’ve never paid attention, … Continue reading

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Mary Harvey Says Steve Can Suck It, Too!

Not really, but she is going IN on his trifling ass all up and THROUGH YouTube!! OKAY! Mary is FINALLY spilling ALL THE TEA! Honestly, this is nothing I hadn’t already assumed/guessed, but I wanted to hear it from HER! He’s … Continue reading

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And Another Thing…

Some black person just reminded me of something else. Black people are too cool for EVERYTHING! We don’t participate in anything because all of it is beneath us and soooo last year. We won’t go to a club unless it’s packed. We … Continue reading

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Black People Make Me Sick Part Deux

And another thing… Don’t u just love how people go on a rant, leave it alone, let everybody calm down, then come back with “and another thing”. Well that’s me. Cuz I stew. And there are a lot of things … Continue reading

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